What To Do if you 먹튀검증커뮤니티 Capsize

The first thing that needs to be stated is that a PFD should always be

worn when in a boat. Even strong swimmers can be pulled under water

and drown without a life saving device. That false assurance of being a

careful person or the water being calm does not rule out the possibility of

capsizing, so knowing what to do is vital. A sudden dip in cold water can be

disorienting, so practicing how to capsize and recover is an important part

of learning how to kayak.

Capsizing near shore in calm water makes the paddler feel silly more than

in danger. You should signal others that you have gone in the water and

that you are all right. It is necessary to gather any gear that has begun to

float away, especially the paddle. If 먹튀사이트 possible, right the kayak and tow it to


shore with the end line either by walking or swimming with a modified side


In moving water, you should try to make sure your body is on the up-river

side of the kayak so you do not become trapped or crushed against an

obstruction if you are in fact able to hang on. If the kayak is pulled away,

the safest position is on your back with your feet pointing down-stream.

This protects your head from making first contact. If the water is not

running too rapidly, try to backstroke to shore at a very gentle angle to

keep your head up-stream. It may be necessary to sidestroke aggressively

towards shore, but watching for obstructions and protecting your head is

crucial. This demonstrates the logic of wearing a helmet when kayaking in

white water!

What NOT To Do when you Capsize

The most important advice for someone who has capsized is do not


In calm water, do not let your equipment float away.

In moving water, do not stand up unless the water is less than knee

deep. If you are knocked over, your head may end up downstream or a foot

could become wedged under a rock.

Do not stay in the water longer than necessary, especially if it is cool or the

weather is bad.

Also, do not attempt to reenter the kayak if it is damaged or not stable. You

could fall right back in!

What NOT to do when you capsize

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