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One 먹튀검증커뮤니티 Hundred Paperclips

John Garrish

Director of Athletic Development - North

Broward Preparatory School

Our success as teams often depends on our ability to

work with each other. As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater

than the sum of its parts.” This quote has always resonated

with me, as a student-athlete and now as a coach. But although

we should recognize and respect the roles we occupy, it’s

important that we don’t allow those roles to define us. Who

you are as is a person is all that you can give. But all that you

can give is not who are as a person 먹튀검증.

There’s an old story about a paperclip company that

conducted a study to find out just how their paper clips were

being used. The results surprised them. Of one hundred

paperclips, thirty were used as bookmarks. Thirty were used to

reinforce jewelry. Thirty were used in arts and crafts. Only ten

were used to clip paper, the function for which they were all


People are complex. We each bring many things to the

table. And as we go through life, we’ll probably find that our

roles occasionally shift. The role you fill on one team may be

different than the role you fill on the next. Being a great point

guard isn’t the same as being a great father. But the values you

learn as a point guard become the values you take into

fatherhood. We should never lose sight of our greater purpose.

We should always respect and value ourselves as individuals.

Athlete Huddle

How do you describe yourself to others? How do you

see your role on your team? What about your role at home,

with your family or friends?

Coach Huddle

How does your role inside the weight room align with

your purpose as a human being? What are you trying to

accomplish with your life?


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